April 19, 2024

Limited liability company Nederlands

The Limited liability company Nederlands, is a company structure called a BV; ‘besloten vennootschap’ in Dutch. This BV structure is one of the most common legal forms new business owners use to start their Dutch company. In compare, the BV in German is almost the same as the GmbH, and in the U.S. they have the similar American Limited liability company structure. The Dutch BV structure covers almost 60% of all company structures because all the advantages a BV offers to new business owners. For example; by using a BV structure, you never have personal responsibility for business risks. Also there are attractive low taxes for Dutch BV structured companies.


Requirements for a Limited liability company

The Dutch allow one or more founders for one company and also one or more shareholders. Since October 2012 the rules have changed;  there are no minimum shares anymore (before this date, the minimum share for a limited liability company was 18.000 euro), so you can have as much shares as you prefer. For starting a limited liability company you are also required to have a registered office. The Dike international company can easily arrange this for you; they have a strong partnership build with the Business Center Stadium Breda, so you can hire one or more offices for very attractive prices. Please contact Dike International for more information.